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Broth Bomb™

Fizzy Seasoning Mixes

Fizzy Seasoning Mixes

Fizzy Seasoning MixesFizzy Seasoning MixesFizzy Seasoning Mixes

Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, and Vegan

For delicious one-pot no-chop low-cost plant-based stews.

Designed with canned and frozen foods in mind.

Recipes make 5 large servings for family dinner or meal prep.

About 15-20g of protein and $2.75 per hearty serving.

Easy instructions for healthy plant-based recipes included with each seasoning mix.


Broth Bomb™ infuses seasonings into the dish, softens the beans, and improves absorption.


We'd like to help make a greener, healthier, more peaceful planet; one bowl of bean and veggies at a time


About Us


We are Andrew and Renee, plant-based parents who have perfected the art of delicious, affordable, one-pot, no-chop, plant-based recipes. Our idea for a fun, all in one seasoning mix company was inspired by all those expensive unused seasonings sitting in pantries going expired. Seasoning mixes at the grocery store haven’t changed in decades! So, thinking of our own families, we wanted to create a way to reduce the confusion, waste, and disappointment of traditional cooking and give everyone a shortcut to the vibrant flavors we know and love.  

Andrew's background is in economics. This isn't his first entrepreneurial venture in the food industry. He brought "UberEats" style delivery to Tampa Bay way back in 2007.  His industrious nature combined with a love of food and culture helped him to both grow his business and glean practical and creative solutions from the experience. Including hands on experience with a wide range of cuisines. But after a devastating injury, sustained while hiking the Bavarian Alps, he was forced to make drastic changes to his life. The injury ultimately led to a stroke. During this time doctors also discovered degenerative digestive diseases. The traditional foods he had always enjoyed now had a major role in his chronic pain. It was then that he dedicated himself to healing his body. Over time, with research and experimentation, he resolved most of his issues with a plant-based diet. Armed with a knowledge of cuisines and an obsession with nutrition, he has become skilled at creating complex and comforting flavor profiles.

Renee works as a manager and business consultant in the health and wellness industry with a background in accounting. Since childhood, Renee has been inspired by conservation, sustainability, and health. With decades of passion in culinary arts, ranging from delicate patisserie to roux and trinity, Renee has exuberantly explored the tastes and textures of traditional cooking-- and as a veritable jack-of-all-trades, brings both vision and expertise to the project. 

The Fizz


Kids love the fizz. It gets them engaged in the cooking process and excited to eat these healthy meals. But it's not just a trick to get kids to eat their veggies, the fizz has a purpose. The high pH ingredients help break down beans, increasing protein absorption. While the low pH ingredients aid in the breakdown of starches and fats. 

With the name Broth Bomb™ you're probably expecting a volcano of herbs and spices to explode out of the pot. We crafted our products to make sure that explosion of flavor gets infused into the ingredients instead. In each pot there's an array of chemical reactions between all the ingredients that helps to make our recipes so perfect. After we launch, we'll be experimenting will all types of food stuff. Expect to see more great products coming soon. We also plan to make a line of non-fizzy seasoning mixes tailored to plant based recipes.

Ingredients: Herbs/Spices, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Potassium Carbonate, Calcium Gluconate, Vitamin C, and Salt. 

Mission Statement


Our mission in starting this company is to help make a greener, healthier, more peaceful planet; one bowl of beans and veggies at a time. There is so much suffering in the world that can be relieved by changing the way that we relate to food. Diets are personal and cultural and we take that challenge seriously. It is our mission to help people take control of their health even when the odds are stacked against them by making it as accessible as we can. A healthy meal is a foundational self-care practice, but it can be a real challenge. Whether a person is trying to feed a whole family or just themselves, affording the time, money, and knowledge it takes to do this consistently is for some, an unreasonable burden. It was our own experience with the limitations of disability that lead us to prune each step of the process to a more and more accessible level-- something we had to do with everything in our lives in order to survive now inspires our mission for this company.



Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are made naturally by the body and in nature. We assure you our products are safe and health promoting. We've balanced them to best aid in digestion while not to over alkalizing the body. It's actually the herbs and spices that have the most powerful positive pharmacological effects. They're also loaded with vitamin and minerals. Plus, all the beans and veggies in our easy vegan recipes are loaded with even more micro-nutrients, especially iron. There's about 15-20 grams of protein per serving. If you're a protein junky looking to get those gains, grab an extra serving. This is the cheapest way to pack on protein. You'll feel amazing getting this much nutrition. You don't have to be a health nut to start enjoying these healthy plant-based meals. Check out our blog for an in depth look at how the active ingredients in our products work to unlock more of the goodness of beans. 

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Patent Pending 

We have a patent pending on the utility of combining a food grade powdered acid 

with a food grade powdered base with seasonings in forms for soups and stews. 

Broth Bomb™

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Play with your food while it tenderizes the beans.