Broth Bomb™

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 The Bean and Veggie Meal Helper 


Made with Fresh

Herbs and Spices

Broth Bomb™ gives beans a meatier texture and takes the bite out of greens
it's a meal helper for High-Protein Gluten-Free Soy-Free Vegan Recipes

How to Use

Bring water and food to a boil.

Reduce heat, then add Broth Bomb™.

Let cook another 30 minutes.


Get an all-day crockpot quality 

bean and veggie stew in an hour.


make 5 large 24 oz servings
for family dinner or meal prep.
make it easy with canned and frozen foods.


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Recipe Included

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Suggested storage containers for meal prep

Message from the Co-Founder: Andrew Laurent

Before starting Broth Bomb™, I owned and operated the top restaurant delivery service in Tampa Bay, only to be struck down with a physical disability and chronic gastric diseases. With limited resources and mobility, I found simple ways to enjoy familiar cuisines without sacrificing taste or convenience.  I've lived the food desert life, self-studied food sciences, nutrition sciences, and reversed several diseases. Nicknamed hot dog as a kid, we gave our child the middle-name Bean, because they saved my life.  So, it's even more fitting that we would go on to create a patent-pending seasoning mix for bean stews; a pop-culture catalyst for easy delicious recipes.  Now, with Broth Bomb™, everyone can become a bean stew expert.


Co-Inventor of the Broth Bomb™Renee Laurent offers valuable culinary expertise and was vital in the creation of all of our recipes.


Chief Operations Office Jamey Harper has been at the heart of the vegan restaurant uprising in Central Florida as a restaurant owner. His specialty is making deli meats from plants. Now, he's also making seasoning mixes that give beans a meatier texture. 


Patent Pending 

We are patent-pending on the utility of combining a food-grade powdered acid and a food-grade powdered base with seasonings in forms for soups and stews.  Broth Bomb™ infuses seasonings into the dish, softens the beans, and improves absorption. Ask us about licensing.


About us


What are the ingredients? 

They're mostly herbs and spices with salt. The fizz is made with acids and bases found naturally in our bodies: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, potassium carbonate, calcium carbonate, ascorbic acid (Vit. C).  


Can I use dry beans?

The recipes are designed for canned beans but as long as you fully cook the dry beans first, then add other ingredients and the Broth Bomb™, it will work well.


Can I use Broth Bomb™ in a pressure cooker?

No, don't use in a pressure cooker. Broth Bomb™ releases CO2 and while pressure cookers have safety valves we cannot guarentee it's safe. If you pressure cook your beans and tubers first, it would be okay to add a Broth Bomb™ after with the lid removed.  


Can I use them in a crock-pot or slow cooker?

Yes. First, boil the water prior separetly. Then, add the hot water and beans to the crock-pot. Next, add the Broth Bomb. Stir till it dissipates. Then, add everything else. Requires a 6 quart crock pot.


Are they safe?

Yes, when used as directed Broth Bomb™ is a safe product. Intended use is at least one gallon (4 qts) of food. Be careful when placing the Broth Bomb™ in hot food. It's recommended for ages 14 and up. We're extremely health-conscious individuals and we've personally used these products for years. We care deeply about public health and assure you they are safe. Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are made naturally by cells within our bodies. As with most things, if you have any condition or special circumstance affecting your health consult your doctor prior to use. That can be said for both the herbs and spices as well as the fizzy ingredients. 


Can I break them in half? 

Yes. You can cut them with a knife. Make at least 2 quarts of stew with a half of a Broth Bomb™.


Can I modify recipes?

Yes, as long as you make a gallon of food or more. The broth should be thick, like a stew.


Why didn't mine fizz well?

The two typical reasons are that the water wasn't hot enough or you didn't use enough water. Also, if you add it while it's boiling, it will just appear to bubble along with the boiling water, which isn't as much fun but it will still do it's job.


Will Broth Bomb™ alkalize the gut?

Broth Bomb™ is designed to interact with the food prior to digestion and does not produce the same effects as when the ingredients are taken orally as medications. We designed them so there will be no baking soda remaining after cooking. We instead included a greater ratio of acids that will act as digestive aids, like cooking or marinating in vinegar. We even took extra precautions to fortify them with some added minerals to buffer any potential alkalizing effects normally associated with oral antacids. The research suggests that the additional minerals that are unlocked while cooking with sodium bicarbonate should buffer the alkalizing effect on its own. 


Do beans need Broth Bomb™?

No, the lectins in beans breakdown during cooking. Beans are nutritious as long as they're cooked. It's the tannic acids in the skins that Broth Bomb™ may help break down. If you wanted to take the time, soaking dry beans in baking soda water before cooking is another way to get softer beans.


How do I prevent burning stews?

If you have the time, slower and lower temperature cooking is better with bean stews to prevent burning the bottom. If you have less time you can cook at higher heat and stir frequently to prevent burning the bottom of the stew. We like to use more water than directed and add a little flour or flax at the end to thicken the soup into a stew.


Can they help treat disease?

We make no claims that they can be used to treat any disease. While baking soda and citric acid have been used to effectively treat certain conditions like GERD, SIBO, UC, and metabolic acidosis, we can't make any such claims. The ingredients interact with the food. We look forward to doing research into its effects on food-related diseases.


Do they improve protein absorption?   

Beans contain anti-nutrients, some of which are acids. The high pH of the baking soda dissolves the acids and unlocks the proteins. There are other methods of achieving this to slightly lesser degrees, like simply cooking beans makes them digestible. Proteins are made up of amino acids, which also breakdown better in alkaline environments. So, not only does it unlock them, it breaks the protein into shorter chains of amino acids that can be more easier used by our body. Our stomach produces alkaline bile to aid in the break down of protein. So, we don't know exactly how much our products help in this process but there is extensive reliable research into using high pH substances like baking soda to improve protein absorption in legumes.


What kind of Citric Acid is used?

It is derived from organic corn, not mold.


Are they low sodium?

We are careful with not adding too much salt but they are not low sodium.


Are they organic?

No, not at this time.


Are they considered whole food plant-based?

No. While the recipes are wfpb and they are made from natural food-safe ingredients they contain salt and citric acid. Co-Founder Andrew is 90% wfpb. By tailoring our products to traditional diets and tastes, we will be encouraging people to eat more whole plant foods. We hope to be the catalyst for so many people looking to transition to eating more whole food plant-based meals. Later, we plan to offer non-fizzing seasoning mixes for fully wfpb organic diets.


Frequently Asked



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