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Broth Bomb™

Fizzy Seasoning Mixes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients? 

They're mostly herbs and spices. The fizz is made with acids and bases found naturally in our bodies: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, potassium carbonate, calcium gluconate, ascorbic acid (Vit. C), and Salt. 

We acknowledge these aren't part of a whole food plant based diet but we hope our products will encourage people to eat more whole food. We hope to be the catalyst for so many people looking to transition to eating more whole food plant based meals. Later, we plan to offer non-fizzing seasoning mixes for the purest types of eaters.

Are they organic?

We can't promise the herbs and spices will be organic until we see how much funding we receive, but they will at least be non-GMO and we plan to be organic.

Can they help treat disease?

While baking soda and citric acid have been used to effectively treat certain conditions like GERD, SIBO, UC, and metabolic acidosis, we can't make any such claims. Broth Bomb™ is designed to interact with the food prior to digestion and is unlikely to carry the same powerful effects as when they're taken orally. There will be some residual citric acid and sodium citrate that will act as digestive aids... preventing your body from having to produce the heavy acid and bile loads, pulling nutrients from your blood, normally associated with standard diets. We look forward to doing research into it's affects on food related diseases. If anything, it would be more preventative than a treatment. 

Are they safe?

Yes, as long as you cook the Broth Bomb™ with at least 4 quarts of food and remember to be careful when cooking hot food. We're extremely health conscious individuals and we've personally used these products for a year. We care deeply about public health and assure you they are safe. We even took extra precautions to fortify them with some added calcium and potassium to buffer any potential alkalizing effects normally associated with oral antacids, which are significantly different than cooking with these ingredients. The research suggests that the additional minerals that are unlocked while cooking with sodium bicarbonate should buffer the alkalizing effect on it's own. Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are made naturally by cells within our body but, as with most things, if you have any condition or special circumstance affecting your health consult your doctor prior to use. That can be said for both the herbs and spices as well as the fizzy ingredients. 

How do they improve protein absorption?   

Beans contain anti-nutrients, some of which are acids. The high pH of the baking soda dissolves the acids and unlocks the proteins. There are other methods of achieving this to slightly lesser degrees, like simply cooking beans makes them digestible. Proteins are made up of amino acids, which also breakdown better in alkaline environments. So, not only does it unlock them, it breaks the protein into shorter chains of amino acids that can be more easier used by our body. Our stomach produces alkaline bile to aid in the break down of protein. So again, we don't know exactly how much our products help in this process but there is extensive reliable research into using high pH substances like baking soda to improve protein absorption in legumes.


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