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Broth Bomb™

Fizzy Seasoning Mixes


On our YouTube page, see all our fizzy seasoning mixes in action. They make great content for food and culture news websites. They'd be popular with the asmr community too. They can also be downloaded below.


Pictures and videos can be downloaded for media and rebroadcasting purposes.

Any transmission of our content must include mention of our company, website, or crowd funding campaign. 

Stone Broke Dharma Drop (mp4)


Ryeless_Red_Reuben_Dropped_SD (mp4)


Scarborough Fair Recipe (mp4)


Ryeless Red Reuben Recipe (mp4)


Drunken Dare Recipe (mp4)


Drops of Jupiter Recipe (mp4)


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We have samples available for those in the media and with a large social media following. Tell us which two Broth Bomb™ seasoning mixes you'd prefer. Include your Instagram handle along with a mailing address.