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Broth Bomb™

Fizzy Seasoning Mixes

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Use large pot (at least 4.5 qt)

Add water, beans, and veggies.

Cook covered on med-high, stirring occasionally, for 30 minutes.

Once simmering, reduce to low-med heat 

Gently add the Broth Bomb™ and stir until it's dissolved.  

Cover and cook for another 30-45 minutes.

Add any other ingredients last (garlic, oil, sugar). 


Other cooking tips:

Substitution of ingredients is encouraged depending on what's available to you. More water might be needed depending on many variables. If you have time, slower and lower temperature cooking is better with bean stews. If you have less time you can cook at higher heat and stir frequently to prevent burning the bottom of the stew. Recipes are safe for the crock-pot. Just boil the water first, add to crock pot with just the beans, then add the Broth Bomb, stir till it dissipates, then add everything else. Leave room for it to rise (6 quart crock pot).

Recipes makes 5 servings of 24 ounces. 

Serve with fresh bread or rice to make it last.


 HAS NOT BEEN TESTED WITH PRESSURE COOKERS. Remember the pot and its contents are hot; keep face away from pot and use a cooking spoon when adding Broth Bomb. 

Made in an animal free environment suitable for vegan but not for celiacs or those with any food allergies. Future products will be certified allergen free. Product has not yet been FDA approved but only uses common food ingredients already approved by the FDA. The baking soda and citric acid are active ingredients; in water baking soda dissipates, sodium citrate forms, and some citric acid remains. If ingested in water without food, these active ingredients can have an alkalizing effect, suppress peptide acid pumps, and prevent blood clots. Research suggests that during cooking much of the active ingredients in the Broth Bomb interact with the food; primarily the amino acids and minerals within the food, making them more bioavailable. While the ability of the active ingredients to improve bioavailability is proven, if there is any resulting alkalizing or blood thinning effect on the body after cooking, as the active ingredients would have in their natural state, is not known. Those with kidney diseases, taking blood thinners, or are pregnant should consult with their medical professional before using our product. While we can assure you that our product is just as safe as consuming garlic, vitamin c, or antacids, we look forward to funding the research to show the full health benefits of cooking with a Broth Bomb. We hope this will revolutionize the way beans are cooked.